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Objective back to top

To obtain a rewarding web developer position where I can not only increase my knowledge, proficiency, and skills, but also use them to contribute to the company's growth.

Experience back to top

PC Werks, Garland, TX
Oct 2001 - Present
Computer Technician, Server Manager, Web Developer, Office Manager
I was originally hired as an entry-level PC technician, but over the course of 16 years, I have been promoted to higher positions, including head technician and even office manager. I have directed & supervised five other employees. I have continually strived to learn about new technologies (hardware, software, development tools, etc), as well as how to implement and maintain them, to provide exceptional support and services to my customers. I have also established multiple new avenues of revenue for the company by constructing and implementing several new services including remote support, web development and server hosting & management. I have been working for the company for over a decade, and have held many positions, so the following list is just a few of my job duties and accomplishments.
Computer Assembly, Upgrade & Repair
I have built upon my previous experience building computers, and expanded my troubleshooting & repair skills on desktops, laptops and servers. I also supplemented my hardware knowledge by learning more about how software works and how to efficiently fix software problems. This has helped me develop extensive research and creative thinking skills. I am now capable of installing, upgrading and repairing operating systems like DOS, Windows (almost all Desktop & Server versions), and even Mac OS X. I am also very proficient at installing, configuring and troubleshooting software applications and drivers on each them.
Tech Support
I have provided technical support to customers by phone, by email and in person. I have learned to effectively work with people who are just as tech-savvy as I am, as well as those who are completely computer-illeterate. I am able to judge their level of knowledge and communicate with them accordingly to help resolve any technical problems that they may have.
Customer Service
In any retail environment, there are bound to be disputes between the employees and customers. As one of the more level-headed employees, I have used my apathy and communication skills to resolve many conflicts between unhappy customers and frustrated employees. Sometimes it is simply a matter of explaining something in a more clear and concise manner, and sometimes it takes a little bit of accomadation or compromising, but I have almost always been able to reach an adequate agreement or understanding, which usually results in a happy customer - and a repeat customer.
Website and Web Application Development
Using skills that I learned both while on the job, and on my own time, I have developed custom websites and web applications for both in-house use and for other clients. Less than a year after being hired, I developed my first web application. It started as a simple contact manager for PC Werks to organize their clients with, but it quickly grew into a full data-management application that they still use to track their customers and orders with. PC Werks has also sold the application to other businesses to manage their own data. Over the past 10 years, I have learned how to use lots of different technologies, as well as how to know which one is the right one to use for each project. I learned how to use many languages including HTML, JavaScript, CSS, PHP & MySQL, and have used those skills to create all types of sites from personal home pages for individuals, to fully-interactive websites for companies and brands. I have also built complicated database-driven web applications for businesses, enabling them to work more efficiently and to be more mobile. More importantly, I have learned how to use existing tools to develop more efficiently, and have even created some of my own tools and frameworks.
Internet Server Installation, Setup & Management
Another skill that I taught myself and found ways to monetize for the company is server administration. I started by setting up a web server to host the new company web application on, and later I installed and managed a mail server so that we could host our own email. After gaining more experience with dozens of web and mail servers, we started offering web and email hosting for our other clients, so I quickly learned to how to setup and maintain DNS and FTP servers as well. I currently maintain our primary and secondary servers to host services for dozens of domains and hundreds of users. I also help setup and manage outside servers for customers who want to host their own services.
Internet-Based Remote Support
The largest revenue-creating service that I created for the company was the ability to offer online remote support to customers. It started as a simple wish to be able to connect to my home computer from my office, but it turned into a service that we offer to our business clients, and even to some of our residential customers, where we can connect to their computers over the internet and fix most problems that they might have. In the past, a client might have had to either bring their computer to us to have a problem fixed, or have to pay a large onsite fee to have us come to their office to fix printing or network issues. Now our customers can connect to me using a remote connection utility that I created, or I can connect to them using other remote access software, and I can fix most of their problems right from my desk. This saves the client time and money, and it also allowes PC Werks to increase it's profit-margins since I can work on multiple computers at one time.
USIP, Richardson, TX
Jul 1999 - Jul 2001
Web Developer
USIP was a computer reseller and a client of Supercom. I developed a website for them to display products that they had available for sale. I started working for them when the company was created by the regional manager of Supercom, and maintained the website until the company was closed.
Supercom, Richardson, TX
Jun 1997 - Jul 2001
Computer Technician, Application Developer, Web Developer
Supercom was an international computer and computer parts distributor - the fourth largest in the world. When I started working for them, the only experience I had with computer hardware was when I tinkered with my own computers. I started working there at the beginning of an assembly line, but I quickly worked my way through each of the stops. Within 6 months, I became their only individual assembler. I built custom computers from start to finish, and soon after that I began installing and configuring the operating systems on them too. I provided customers with tech support both by phone and by email. I also wrote a DOS-based, network application that allowed the production department to track all custom orders, as well as to collaborate with the salesmen when there were problems. When the regional manager noticed the application, he asked me to start the developement of an e-commerce website for the Dallas branch, and to maintain the online catalog, including inventory and ordering. After 4 years of working for Supercom, they were bought out by a competing distributor whose production location was out of state, and I did not want to relocate. During the 4 years I worked there, I never missed a day of work. I never took any vacation days or used any sick days.
Aluma Graphics, Wylie, TX
Nov 1995 - Jun 1997
Production Worker
Aluma Graphics was a family-owned and operated metal machining and silk-screening company. I started working there because I had just started college and they were going to be more flexible with my hours. I did all types of production work including metal stamping, finishing & assembly and silk-screening. I was able to use my creativity to improve several different manufacturing processes, helping the company to become more efficient and more profitable. I had also started learning a lot about computers on my own, and the company was just starting to use computers more in the office, so I became their in-house computer & printer support person.
Telcom, Garland, TX
Sep 1994 - Nov 1995
I started working for Telcom my senior year of high school. I was pretty shy when I started, but talking to thousands of strangers on the phone made me feel more comfortable interacting with people, and helped me develop much-needed social skills. When my boss found out that I could type almost 100 words per minute, he also asked me to start doing all of the daily data entry for the Dallas office. Eventually, the repetitiveness of telemarketing became so second-nature that I was able to talk to people on the phone doing my job, while simultaneously doing my calculus homework.

Education back to top

University of Texas at Dallas, Richardson, TX
Aug 1995 - May 1997
I started attending UTD the fall semester after graduating high school. I worked towards a Bachelor of Science degree, majoring in computer science. After my third semester, I decided that college was not actually helping me. I was learning more at home on my own than I was in the classroom, and after talking to several people in the computer industry, I learned that a degree is not neccessary to start a tech career. I decided to take a semester off to take a job with a global computer manufacturer and reseller. After working there for a few months, and learning more during that time than in 3 semesters of college, I decided to not go back to school and to focus on starting my career on my own.
Garland High School, Garland, TX
Sep 1991 - May 1995
I went to GHS because they were the only school in the area offering the International Baccalaureate (IB) program. Before graduating, I took 3 IB tests and 2 AP tests to earn college credit. I was part of the school's first ever 2nd & 3rd year advanced computer science classes, as well as the school's first 2nd year Psychology class. I also took 3 years of Spanish, and had 4 years of perfect attendance - at least on record.

Skills back to top

Skill Name Skill Level Experience
PC Technician Expert 21 years
Networking Intermediate 18 years
HTML, JavaScript, CSS Intermediate 23 years
PHP, MySQL Intermediate 16 years
Internet Servers (Web, Mail, Database) Intermediate 14 years
Paint Shop Pro (Photoshop alternative) Expert 15 years
Adobe Flash & Photoshop Intermediate 10 years
Typing & Data Entry 90+ Words Per Minute 20+ years

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