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A short (and safe) summary of Joshua back to top

I consider myself to be athletic, bright, caring, clever, compassionate, considerate, cooperative, creative, curious, determined, eager, efficient, energetic, forgiving, friendly, fun-loving, funny, generous, gentle, giving, grateful, hard-working, helpful, honest, humorous, imaginative, intelligent, inventive, keen, kind, knowledgeable, likeable, lovable, loyal, mature, mischievous, organized, outgoing, personable, pleasant, popular, questioning, realistic, reliable, respectful, responsible, silly, smart, stable, thoughtful, tolerant, understanding, unique, unselfish, wise and witty.

Unfortunately, I also know that at times I can be awkward, cautious, demanding, embarrassed, grouchy, impulsive, judgmental, nervous, opinionated, sarcastic, shy, stubborn, and timid.

You might have noticed that both of the lists are in alphabetical order - I'm also slightly OCD. My positive traits far outweigh the negative ones, so I consider myself a good, a well-rounded person. For work, I do a lot of different computer nerd things. I manage servers, develop websites & web applications, and provide remote support to corporate clients - while simultaneously trying not to kill stupid people. For fun, I play soccer, run, gym, eat lots & lots of food, and plot ways to take over the world. I am constantly coming up with cool ideas, even if I don't always find the motivation to see them through.

Yes, Soccer, because American's are stupid back to top

It's the most popular sport in the world, and the rest of the world calls it "football" (or "futbol"). Apparently, that wasn't good enough for America. Anyway, growing up, there were no boys on my street. I had 2 sisters, and there were 5 other girls on the street. Fortunately, one of them was my age, and also a tomboy - she was also kind of cute. That cute girl started playing soccer on a rec team when we were about 4 or 5 years old. I was always up for doing anything she wanted to do, so I started playing soccer with her in the street. My parents saw me playing and decided that I should play on a real team. It took me a few weeks to be comfortable with it, but once I did, I was hooked for life.

I played with the YMCA from ages 5 to 13. I'm no sure why the "M" in YMCA stands for "Men's" because as soon as I turned 13, they gave me the boot! Luckily, I found the Garland Soccer Association, and I continued to play there until I was 19, where again, I was told that I was too old to play with them. A few friends from my last team decided to start an indoor soccer team at Soccer Spectrum. I had seen the Dallas Sidekicks play indoor soccer many times, but I didn't even know it was an option for me. It was amazing. Indoor soccer was so much different. It's much more about control and stamina. I didn't have the control, but I could run for 40 minutes straight while everyone else was subbing out after 3-5 minutes at a time. I have played indoor ever since then. I have played a few seasons of outdoor soccer since then, but indoor soccer will always have my heart.

Why would anyone do this just for fun?!? back to top

If you put a soccer ball at my feet, I can run for hours at a time. If you take that ball away, I'll be bored in 2 minutes. I have never understood why anyone would want to just run for no reason. I believe that there are only 2 good reasons to just run - either someone is chasing you, or you're chasing someone else. Back in 2011, I had a friend ask me if I wanted to join him at a social run that he just starting going to. He explained that you show up at a meeting spot, run with a group, and then go home. Naturally, I told him that I wasn't interested. After months of him trying to get me to go, he mentioned that there are some very attractive, very athletic girls who go to the social run. Naturally, I joined him that week. He was right, and I didn't end up hating the running part as much as I thought I would. Not just because of the girls, but also because I realized how fast I was compared to most people. I had not really raced against anyone since high school, but it was fun. Sure, the others didn't know that we were racing, but we were.

I started going back with him every week, and it wasn't long before I ran my first 5K. I didn't even know that was a thing for adults. I did really well, and I was actually starting to be interested in running. Well, not running, but racing. I kept going back to the social run group every week, and after a year or two, I ended up managing the group with a few others. I started doing more and more 5Ks, and later started running in 10Ks as well. I have no interest in ever running a full marathon, but I have ran in 7 or 8 half-marathons. I'm a competitive runner in the 5K/10K distance, and pretty competitive in the half-marathon distance. I have won a couple of smaller 5Ks, but I really want to win a half-marathon sometime soon.

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